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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?
The club is for homeschool kids of all ages and skill levels.

What does it cost to join and participate?
The CurrClick Chess Club is free for everyone. However, you are welcome to donate through CurrClick as a way of saying thanks for the time and effort that is put into keeping the club a reality.

How do I join?
Visit the Sign Up page.

What if I'm a parent?
You are welcome to create a parent account on ChessKid.com and join the chess club, but because of ChessKid's measures to keep their site kid-oriented, you will not be able to challenge kid members to a game, or participate in tournaments or club matches (but you can still play normal chess).

When and where do club members play chess?
Games takes place all the time, on ChessKid.com.

What are the live meetings for?
During the live meetings, the volunteer teachers use the many features of CurrClick's meeting software to give interactive lessons in chess. Screen-sharing enables the teachers to show a game of chess on their own computer screen; either a sequence of moves, or a puzzle that the class can solve co-cooperatively. Club members can participate in the meetings using the chat box. No actual games of chess take place during the meeting.

Are the meetings recorded?
Yep! Within a day or two after each class, the link for the recording is sent out in an email. All you have to do is click, and the recording will open and play in your browser.

Known Issues

Why can't I see the "coach's email address" field when creating an account on ChessKid?
The field in question is only visible when creating a Kid account. It does not show up when using the "Add a Kid" form or while creating a Parent/Coach account.

Will the club start next January?
The club has been active since early 2011. Many types of course offerings on CurrClick require a start date, or the website automatically deems the class "past" and disables it (hence the distant date).

What should I do if the sign-up page or donation pages are missing?
Please notify Jim. The issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Why did I receive an email saying your live classes start in 2038?
This is an unusual message you might encounter when you first sign up.