The CurrClick Chess Club is a free, online chess community for homeschool families who want to learn and play the game of chess in a fun, safe, and ad-free environment. Visit the FAQ page for information about the club, or go to the Contact page to get in touch with the club's leader, Jim. To join the club, go to the Sign-up page.

Most of the action takes place on ChessKid.com, where safety is number one! The following is from the ChessKid website:

"ChessKid.com is 100% committed to safety! We are committed to making sure that every child that uses ChessKid.com has fun and is protected.
Members cannot send messages or custom text to each other unless they have both blind-friended each other. Blind-friending means that both members must independently add the other member as a friend, and members are not notified that another member has added them as a friend. This means that your child will only become friends with those on the site that he or she specifies. Only friends are able to chat, send messages, and communicate."